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Approaching the big 40, Ben becomes tormented by his missed opportunities. One of them is to never have finished a documentary he started when he was 30, on his passion sport, Mixed Martial Arts. He also never fought and could only imagine what fighters are going through. Because life is too short, and to have no regrets, Ben decided to start training, and resumed his documentary to understand Fighters. Fighters are courageous, bold, tenacious. Fighting is universal, violent, dangerous. But more than anything, Ben discovered what is the essence of fighting and led him to unleash incredible potential as a storyteller.

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Ben, host and director

My name is Ben Hubert, I am a filmmaker based in New-Jersey. I have always been curious about combat sports and occasionally practiced, from traditional Japanese martial arts to Israeli Krav Maga self defense system. More recently, I studied Muay Thai and Boxing and became fascinated with Mixed Martial Arts. As a filmmaker, I worked on a variety of projects from life changing documentary work in Liberia to short commercials. I directed sport videos, especially for the not for profit Wrestling organization "Beat The Street". For the past few years, I have been focussing on the development of an episodic TV pilot around the world of combat sports and fighters. My pilot is complete and ready to be viewed by industry professionals. For any screening request, please use the contact form.

Next Steps...

Our pilot of Open Guard is a proof of concept we will use to get the necessary funds to produce our first 8 episodes while nailing down our distribution strategy. Our time will be spent submitting the festivals to festivals, searching for distributors and underwriters while at the same time starting the pre-production of our next episodes.  The first season of "Open Guard" will follow Ben as he immerses himself in the world of combat sports and how fighters deal with reality of the world we live in. Each episode will approach societal problems such as drug addiction, life in prison, unemployment, domestic violence, immigration, behind the scene of the fight industry and healthcare through the lens of fighters. The first season 's goal is to establish Open Guard as an authentic show on life, resilience, determination, strength and passion. Read more about our future episodes here

Contact me directly

Happy to discuss about the pilot and project anytime ! Just reach out


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